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Exercising is good
It's good to work out. I've been going to the gym for a few weeks now, and it's producing noticeable results. Stack that on top of kung fu and some running, and I'd have to say I'm in decent shape. The one thing that surprised me, though - I had only been really working out for a month and a half, and when I started I wasn't too heavy. A nice 125, if you must know. (I'm 5'8", for reference.) Well, I weighed myself after that month and a half (6 weeks, possibly 5), and the result is something that not everyone believed when I told them. I clocked in at 142. That's right, over fifteen pounds of muscle packed on my Bruce Lee-like frame. My shirts fit tighter. It's nice.

Ah yes - I mentioned that I don't watch any television shows regularly before. I lied. I do watch one show - the Joe Schmo show. It's sucked me in. Something about a reality show focusing on ONE person. Without them even realizing it. Reminded me a lot of the Truman Show. It's compelling to watch, knowing that of all the people you're watching, only one is being sincere. And to see his sincerity, his reactions, his emotions, as other people watch and try to keep up the facade... well, it draws me in. I do wonder how he feels about the whole thing, after he discovers he's been played.

Ah, and some interesting news for today. I'm not sure whether to feel bad for the victims or be impressed by the guy's unique idea. Maybe both. Yeah, he's committed a crime, but nobody actually got hurt. The whole idea makes me have to smile, though.
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