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Fridays make me tired
Another Friday, another week gone by. A fairly productive week. I've done quite a bit at work, finished a project that was due, got a new guitar, paid all my bills, exercised prolifically, and watched me some 24.

Hey, The Rundown is out today! You should go see it. But keep in mind, it's a movie. It's for FUN. Some critics out there seem to think otherwise. Perhaps all the movies they'd prefer to see should be confusing enough to be viewed multiple times to understand, and once the critic has reached that critical point, he's proud enough of himself to boost the rating level. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm just upset because I thought this was a FUN MOVIE. Not something I expected a lot out of. And neither should you. Nothing big, just entertainment on a rather raw level.

And oh yeah, there's a new preview out for some movie. Seems like lots of people are excited about this trailer, for some reason. Eh - I think I'll wait until I see it in the theater. Both the movie and the trailer, should circumstance decide that I should chance upon the theater showing of this trailer.

I should get my rest. I have a day of paintball tomorrow. And lots of guitar playing to do.
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