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Mondays make me tired
Man, I think we should have three day weekends scheduled at regular intervals. We have one at the beginning of fall for Labor Day, and then nothing until Thanksgiving, where we're given oodles of rest time, and then barely a month goes by until we have the ultimate in vacation time, that commercially endorsed family goodness (and, oh yeah - lest some people forget - this guy JC's birthday). See, I think it would work so much better if we had one three day weekend per month. Lots of R&R, everyone's better, motivation to work and study is rejuvenated. But NO, we have to go continuously for three months or so during fall. I may be forgetting a holiday between now and Thanksgiving, but my point remains.

Today's news is crazy. The thing I wonder is how this will affect this poor kid in the future. Will he be hardened, or will he be somehow more open to the idea of replicating the event? Hopefully the first.

Ah, and it's time for class. So I will blab some more later.
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