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Well, I went ahead and picked up my birthday present to me. (For reference, it's next Tuesday.) I've only had a few minutes to check it out, but from what I could tell, it's quite nice. For starters, the case it comes with is a soft case, but it is the nicest soft case I've ever seen. Very solid, has two huge zipped pockets in front to carry everything you might need. Also has a very nice cord that's quite long (haven't measured yet), as well as the footswitch that you plug into for power. The footswitch's switch is used to switch outputs, so you could hook it up with a normal 1/4" low impedance connection, or with an XLR output, for, say, a PA system. The second connection's good to get fuller range of sound.

As for the guitar itself? It's quite pretty, I like how it looks. I got my model in black. It's built like a Fender, so it feels very similar to my Telecaster. Differences are that it's got more frets, the hammer-ons near the top of the neck are a little harder to hit (mainly for right-handed tapping - may be something I just need to get used to), and the string bends are actually cleaner than my Tele. It feels pretty good, though.

How does it sound, though? Well - I don't actually own most of the models it emulates, so I can't say how accurate it is. Except for the Telecaster. Which is pretty freakin' close to what mine sounds like. I put both of them on, set it to the same pickup setting, and tried it out - they sound essentially identical. As far as the rest - there are lots of sounds for the different models. I do like the Les Paul, and the acoustic models are all interesting. It's fairly convincing, but it is a little weird to hear a plugged-in acoustic sound next to the feeling of playing an electric guitar. The twelve-strings aren't dead-on, but they have a different sound of their own that are quite interesting, I'll probably use. As for the sitar and banjo, those are just cool.

I'll probably be playing a lot more guitar in the coming weeks (maybe have to give up the frequency of 24 watching, sadly). Perhaps even improve my skills. Eventually start recording stuff, after graduation.

And the news of the day? The future is now, baby!
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