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Yeah, another episode of 24. Man, I love this show! So good. Just for the record, I really don't watch much TV. The occasional SNL, or Conan, or sometimes some random Comedy Central. I really don't keep up with shows. But 24 is too sweet. Enough! Go rent the first season, try out even just the first disc, see if you can resist after that.

I would include a link, but the reviews and such usually have spoilers, which makes me mad. Ah - one other review - I saw The Rundown this last weekend, on a sneak preview. It's a great movie! I highly recommend it. Not an epic adventure or anything, but it's really fun. Had me applauding a few moments in the movie, along with a lot of the crowd. Really, it's that good.

Anyway, enough of my reviews. Go, taste of the fruits I give to you, then you may decide whether or not the flavors I embrace are also those you will pursue. Mmm, good.
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