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Busy week
I've got a crazy busy week this week. I have a test today. I don't like tests. It makes me want to play. I do have a few games, it's one of my vices. Sadly, my test comes first. For the curious, I will be writing of what my jam-packed brain has retained from the subject of Secure System Administration. Then I get to do the same thing about Computer Networks in two days. Fun fun. And then, a seven-hour road trip to go compete in a tournament of martial arts! Yes, that should be interesting, indeed. Our school will open the tournament up with a Lion Dance. We'll see how that goes.

Well, it is time for me to go and attempt to further my knowledge, in the second of the afore-mentioned classes. Oh, and so you know, California's now got a Governor Schwarzenegger to call their own.
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