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Delays suck
There was supposed to be a good game out on my birthday, but it got delayed. Now news has arrived that there was a leak, and it's been delayed even more. Well, not a leak, so much as blatent theft. There was supposed to be an offer by a fairly well-known company to give this game out with their new card... I'm wondering what's going to happen with that, now. Piracy, when it affects lots of innocent people, is not cool. I was hoping Valve could release this game on time, and it would all be quite cool. But someone's got to go and ruin the anticipation for a lot of people... bleah. So, if you're good, please don't go out and grab the new beta that's being unofficially "released". Wait for the real deal. Even if it won't be until April 2004.

I rediscovered one of my favorite sites today - I find myself continuously amused by reading through it. That, and the title of my blog was inspired by it. I must admit that. But if you have oodles of spare time... go! Read and be enthralled! Laugh at the lack of intelligence and common sense some people have the gall to display publicly! Good stuff.
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