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I like Fridays
Yes, it's finally Friday. Finally. Long week for me, possibly long week for you, as well. Some interesting stuff for you. First of all, I always wondered about Stonehenge, so hopefully they'll figure some things out about it soon. Also, computer graphics are cool, but complicated. In case you didn't know, most companies use a program called Maya for the big stuff (i.e., movie special effects). Now you can try Maya yourself.

In other news, I'm worried about a guy named David Blaine. He's decided to try yet another stunt. This one he says makes his previous stunts seem like a cakewalk. Considering his previous stunts include being buried alive for a week and frozen in ice for 58 hours, this can't be easy. He's got two days left - check the link to find out details.

And logic puzzles! I like them. Here's one for you, see if you can figure it out. Without resorting to outside means (cheating).
You are on your own in a new house. On the 2nd floor is a lamp. In the basement are 3 switches, one of them switches on the lamp but you don't know which one. You can switch them on and off as much as you like, but you can only go and check the lamp once. After checking you should now know which is the switch for the lamp.
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