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More riddles
For those who think they're good at riddles, here's a couple more.

You've been sentenced to death in an obscure foreign country which has a strange law. Before the sentence is carried out, two papers - one with 'LIFE' written on it, and one with 'DEATH' written on it - are folded up and placed in a hat. You are permitted to pick out one of the papers (without looking). If you choose the one with 'LIFE' written on it, you are set free. Otherwise, the death sentence is carried out. But someone has substituted the paper with 'LIFE' written on it with another one with 'DEATH' written on it. You are informed by this person of what he has done and that you are doomed to die.
You are not permitted to speak to anyone about this misdeed, nor will you have a chance to switch the papers yourself in time.

There is a road which splits into two lanes. Each lane disappears into a dense forest and then into town. One lane runs through quicksand within the forest. There is a house at the split in the road, in it live two men. One only tells the truth and the other only tells lies - and you don't know which is which. You have to get to town and you can only ask one question - what do you ask?

Try to solve them on your own. Good luck!
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