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More than just guitar
Yeah, like a said, I'm a guitarist. But being as how I'm focusing more on electric guitar, there's some details that are necessary. Up until now, I've had only a few DanElectro pedals for distortion, chorus, and phasing, as well as a nice Vox wah pedal. Nothing fancy, really. Pedals can get expensive! So I decided I needed to save all that and just get one item that'll cover several bases. There's lots of options out there, but being as how I'm on a Line 6 kick (the Variax is made by Line 6), I decided with the PODxt.

I got the POD the same time I got the Variax, sort of a full package thing, but sadly, it has still not arrived. I went to Saied's to try out the xt yesterday, just to make sure it really was what I wanted. FYI, I used to not like Saied's, as they charge silly prices for musical equipment - but after being forced to buy from them, since they're the only place in town to stock Line 6 stuff, I found out you can bargain with them. So I actually got all my stuff at a Musician's Friend price (actually a little lower!), and I was happy about that. ANYWAY, I was saying, I went there to try out the POD. I hooked up a cheap guitar (Strat imitation, naturally) and put some headphones on. Didn't take long to figure out the basics. And once I did...

Dang! It's nice! I'm even more impatient than ever! I only sampled the presets, and it made me realize how much range and potential this thing has to customize your own sounds. The basics are this: you can choose what type of amp you want, from 32 choices, many of which are modeled after well-known tube amps. Then choose one of 22 cabinets you want to use with the amp. (For the amp-impaired: the amp's the heavy thing powering your sound, the cabinet's the big stack, known to others as speakers.) From there, it's choosing all the effects you want to slap onto the combo you chose, and tweak each effect to your liking. Like I said, crazy possibilities. I got some nice sounds out of it, in the forty minutes or so I played with it there. I could easily spend hours with this thing.

Anyway, we'll see what kind of musical inspiration might strike me once my POD arrives (was supposed to be here Wednesday but NO it's getting later and later). If I have other kind words to say, I may say them here after playing with it a bit.
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