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My ads are special
Is it just me, or are you seeing ads on my blog for sparring gear and martial arts stuff? I find that funny. My sparring gear probably needs replacing, seeing as how I've ripped up some of it. Not on purpose, of course, just because I'm that fierce. I actually stopped using headgear a while back. Go ahead, make the obvious derogatory comment about that, but I find it helps to be more aware of your surroundings. That, and you can condition your head! Fun stuff. The only other student that doesn't use headgear is the senior student. Makes me feel special.

Some cool stuff is coming soon. One that some people might be aware of is a little movie called The Matrix: Revolutions. Comes out a week from today. Simultaneously across the globe - first time it's been done. I think it arrives here at 8 AM. It will get some attention, I believe.

For the link today, I found Penny Arcade's comic rather amusing - if not sad, because it's true.
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