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Time for fun links
I've got lots of them! Okay, let's begin.

First off, there's the latest in Japanese music fun. That is to say, technologically, not so much Japanese music. Not out in the states yet, but they should do it. Because it would be good.

Everybody's suing nowadays, so why not sue NASA? Yes, that's right, we all must know if our conspiracy theories are valid or not. So the Sci-Fi Channel will tell us. Maybe.

And Apple's doing fairly well with their new iTunes for Windows. This is how it should be done. Embrace new technology! Find out what people actually want, and work with them. I personally think that's probably slightly better than just going out and suing everybody that doesn't do everything in a way that makes more money than is civilized. Boy, that was a long sentence.

And of course, we need just a random link, for no good reason.
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