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Today is Thursday
It's All Hallow's Eve tomorrow! What are you going to be for Halloween? There has been some spooky stuff going on lately. For one thing, the sun's been misbehavin'. Halloween preparations have people all up in jitters. Both props and costumes.

Well, I'm still debating on my costume selection. There's so much to consider. Which I'm considering. The skills I possess that have some "cool factor" points are substantial. The question comes down to effort and cost. How much is it really worth?

I've been playing Wrestlemania XIX on the GameCube lately. I have created a behemoth of a character, aptly titled "The Beast". He's large and in charge, with a cool eye scar and no hair. He's able to administer a beatdown to all those who stand in his way. So winning the World Championship and the WWF Championship was small potatoes. If only he could take on all the tag teams on his own. But I've won the game, it's been fairly entertaining in a weird sort of way. It's an easy time-consumer. The biggest plus point is the ability to create your own character, and modify them in absolutely any way you want. Seriously. Want him to have a chin that is big enough hurt himself? Sure. Want legs four times as long as their arms? No problem. Want to make them have a concave head? Okay. Really, it's up to your imagination. I've made quite a few characters, although I'm partial to The Beast, Freak Boy, She-Bitch and Bondage, Inc. They each have their own lovely attributes. Including picking their whole entrance display. If you want fireworks, pick out what kind, where, and when during the entrance they happen. Choose lighting. Music. Camera angles. And how they walk their walk to the ring, selectable for several different points in their entrance. I'm telling you, it EATS TIME FOR DINNER. And it's rather fun, too.

Oh, and I recently had a viewing of Iron Monkey at my place. Excellent movie. If you had any enjoyment of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (AKA Hidden Crotch Dragon), then this will show you what kung fu movies really should be. (Quentin Tarantino was the one to make the comparison, really - he helped bring the re-release to the states.) And please watch it with subtitles, if you can - English dubbing never does the original voice acting justice.
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