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Weekend madness
It's been a pretty crazy weekend. Had my second mid-term on Friday, so I was up until three studying on Thursday (well, technically Friday). Got up for work, finished a few last-minute memorizations, then took my test. Went okay, just had two problems I had to BS a bit for, hopefully my BS skills are up to par. Then work, crazy project stuff, had to finish something before I left, so I was pedal to the metal on my software development. And THEN, pack up, gas up the car, and drive about three hundred miles to Columbia, Missouri, for a martial arts tournament.

Road trips are cool. Just better when you've had plenty of sleep. Made it there okay, though, thankfully. The tournament started nice and early next day. Our lion dance went quite well, people seemed to like it. That, and my instructor's demonstration of breaking two arrows against his throat seemed to impress. I competed in three events; one of which I didn't know I was going to compete in when I got there, so that was a little suckier than it should have been. Then me and the senior student from my school competed in the "sparring set forms" division, and we each entered separately, so we did two different sparring sets. (Sparring set - a set sequence of moves with two people, made to look like they are sparring.) There were three other sets of guys who entered, and they all did the same set. We did two completely different sets, and I think those impressed a lot of people. We got comments, and right when we came off (after getting first and second place awards, I might add) we were interviewed by three different people. Students, I think they all were, but it was funny. Then sparring, which my instructor decided only then that I'd be entering the black belt division (for the first time), since my unplanned solo set was entered at black belt level, for some reason. So I was sparring against black belts. Went okay - didn't win (this time), but I got my experience, and it was fun. I was faster than all of them, but need some work on my approach, I think. Experience counts, and I'm pretty sure I was outdone there in this case. The senior student from my school won for the weight division (same one I entered, lightweight) and competed for "Grand Champion", against the winner of the heavyweight division. The guy from our school is about 5'7" or so, and weighs 160 or so. The guy he had to fight was around 6'6", maybe more, and I can only guess his weight. So it was an interesting battle. It actually came down pretty tight, but the big man took the championship. Was still pretty good.

And then dinner with everyone from our school and the guy who held the tournament, and then the five hour trip home. I think I was even more tired driving that one. Didn't get back until three or so (sounds oddly familiar), and then crashed for a nice ten hours. Sunday was all about trying to catch up with my laundry, etc., for the previous days I missed, and then church and choir (which went well, I think), and chillin' with friends. And now my week begins anew. Hopefully it'll be a little less strenuous. Hopefully.

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