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While my guitar gently sleeps
Yes, my guitar is resting. I pushed it this weekend quite a bit. Sadly, I can't get the same rest I'm giving it. Oh well.

Speaking of guitar and the band my blog entry's title alludes to, a new album is coming out. I think I'll have to make an exception and get it. Why is that an exception? Well, you see, I've stopped buying albums for the time being, because a certain organization is really making me mad. Ooh, they make me mad! So I'm not going to donate to their evil ways. It's not entirely bad - I guess there are at least some good points to be seen.

Anyway, enough of that. I won't get into that spiel now. I will say that I do like the PODxt very, very much. I think I'll have to begin recording now. And I'm going to start the band. I have a second guitarist and a bassist. Openings still remain. Any takers?
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