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Another long week
Looks like this week is gearing up to be pretty rough, as well. It's mostly preparation for next week, which is going to be pain condensed into half a week. Two tests, a group presentation, and then some. So yeah. That, and work today is INSANE. Trying to fix a problem. Going to make my other project work postponed, which I really don't like.

My thesis work is becoming quite interesting. I need to put together a small bit of information for my thesis advisor, which will be interesting. There's a lot of math involved - it's quite outside the bounds of what most people think of when they think of math. Lots of stuff about prime numbers and Fermat's theorems. Good stuff. I'll have to find out more before I can really get started on my code.

Anyway, like I said, busy at work. Just waiting to hear back from someone, so I'll have to cut it short. Random link? If you wondered about Matrix: Revolutions and how it all fit together, this might help. I'd go there ONLY if you've seen the movie, though. Not only will it spoil it for you, but it won't make any sense if you haven't seen the movie.
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