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Crazy week
Crazy week, indeed. It's been very very busy. I've been busy getting back to work, for one, and applying for more jobs, which is almost a full-time job in itself. So I don't get to sit in front of the computer all day, and updating my blog is outside of a regular cycle, now - forgive me, dear readers.

So the test wasn't too bad. Just wish I'd had a little bit more time. Didn't completely bomb out on any questions, and nailed most of them just fine. I did watch the new DVD that night with a bunch of people - it's excellent. Although long enough to make it a marathon-style movie. With intermission and all. We're talking the neighborhood of 4 hours. Although the sound and visuals are all excellent. And the extended scenes do add a lot of character development, which I think added a lot to the movie.

Thursday was pot luck day at Newman. I took cherry pie. Sadly, I don't think anyone had it. Just because someone there made a "prettier" pie. Pssh. The cool thing is a friend of mine is in from out of town. By "friend of mine" I mean a guy named Brian, who went to undergrad the same four years as me. And by "out of town" I mean Nicaragua. He's been teaching kids music for the last three years or so. Incredible musician, great guy.

Ah, and Friday. Did some work. Saw another friend from out of town. Not so far out of town. A guy named Bret, who gets the credit with propelling me on my way to guitar greatness. His was the first guitar I ever played. A Fender Jazzmaster, if I remember correctly. But the moment of the evening was the Monte Montgomery concert. The guy's incredible. Absolutely amazing. The show started with people sitting around (The Voodoo Room), just a club atmosphere. There's a twenty by fifteen open area in front of the stage, where this couple started dancing to the music and the opening gig. They were pretty freaky. He tossed her around quite a bit in a style I've never seen, simulating all sorts of naughty acts while they did it. We were glad when they stopped before Monte started. So he comes on stage, people start getting up and standing in front of the stage area. At first I was really annoyed, and then me and the two people with me said, "Screw it," and got up, too. So I got a spot on the right, watching him from about ten feet away. Like I said - incredible. The crowd eventually pushed all up, so it was a standing crowd. He amazed everyone - you could feel the excitement. Listening to him break away from a song, solo with skills nobody I've seen before has, then move back into the song after a four minute solo or so - the crowd went crazy. The cheering was insane. I think Monte loved it. It really was a great crowd. I think my hearing might have been permanently damaged, but it was the best concert I've ever seen.

And then yesterday I went to my second wedding. To play music. Which, by the way, was the same way I got invited to the first wedding. Since I tend to play for FREE for friends, and apparently, some people think I'm okay at music. It was me and Brian, and we did the music for the mass. We did a pretty good job, I think - we got a lot of complements. Just the two of us, switching around on melody and harmony, depending on the song. I was really nervous for the first song (which was acapella), but after that, it was all fine. Really smooth, traditional Catholic wedding. It was pretty good stuff.

AH. And I think that's most of it. And now, my random link. Something rather cool, and useful, if you live in Tulsa. Want food? Don't want to go out driving? Tired of having the vast choices between pizza and Chinese? Try this out.
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