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Ah, another day. My event for the day is interesting. Not really bad, though. I got braces! Yes, really. I had them in high school for three years, but I didn't keep wearing the retainer, so my teeth are starting to move, bit by bit. I thought while I was single and moderately young I'd take care of it. But not just braces - Invisalign. It's quite cool. They're removable, almost invisible. I get a new set every two weeks, I'll probably have them for about a year or so. Yes, they're expensive. After I graduate it shouldn't be as much of a problem, though.

The sister update. She's gotten a lot better, more energy. They say she might go home as soon as tomorrow. Although the no broken bone thing might have been a little inaccurate - she may have cracked her collarbone. Well, her seatbelt did. I did get to see the pictures - it's pretty crazy. It really is amazing she made it out of there in one piece. She's able to sit easily and even stand and walk a bit, instead of just lying down. She's got a giant lump of hair all mashed kind of together, which my mom has been working on separating since two nights ago. And no, she's not willing to chop it. They're doing more tests today, so she won't be leaving yet, but hopefully tomorrow she might be able to go home and rest there for a bit.

I saw Revolutions last night at the IMAX. Great crowd, it was entertaining. I really thought it was fun. Since it is the last one and it can only unravel in one chosen way, it probably disappointed a few people. I thought one scene in particular lasted a little longer than necessary, but I'll let you decide that when you see it, so I won't say what it is. Some of the battle scenes were incredible, though. Some images that came up made me very impressed. I do just wish Seraph had gotten more fighting time - he's a bad mamma jamma. There's still a few things that are left to question, which to me is satisfying. There won't be a blatant sequel, although one is possible, if they really wanted to make one. It's good enough that I'll probably go see it one more time, in a non-IMAX theater.

Ah, and I get to go see LAGQ tonight! Thanks to my dad. It's a guitar quartet, and they're freakin' amazing. Tickets are GONE, since they were free they went fast. But somehow my dad scored two. So that will be quite cool. I'm looking forward to it.

Random link today: they've managed to make something so that you look even more insane when you're talking on the phone.
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