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Look, they've changed! Yes, to include classical guitar stuff. I wonder why. Maybe I didn't talk enough about SPARRING and KUNG FU. Anyway, don't miss out on my Monday blog which was a bit delayed, posted below.

The sister update. Last night she went back to campus, and earlier today she got her hair chopped. My mom finally gave up on trying to sort the ball of density that was held on the back of her head, which is sad, since she spent (honestly) over 12 hours working on it. So now she's shorn. Well, shorter hair, at least. I didn't recognize her immediately during lunch at Newman, which surprised me. But the staples are very visible, which is a little strange. I think the worst is over, and now she's just resting until she's back to normal. So I think that'll be it for my daily updates, since not much will change in the near future.

Yeah - Karaoke Revolution. I went ahead and got it. Accursed software made me lose sleep. I was up past 3, singing like a fool. It's way too addictive. I really meant to go to bed EARLY, too. They have some decent songs on there, not too bad. A little of everything. I managed to snag two other people into the fray - multiplayer up to 8 people. I'm going to have to test that capability in the future sometime.

School is getting somehow more and more time consuming. That, and stressful. I have a group project with four people. I'm supposed to be the group leader, according to our assignment. Two of the people of my group have broken away for some reason, and refuse the idea that I'm supposed to be the leader, since nobody informed them that the groups have leaders. So we've exchanged some e-mails, one of which has amused a number of people. I'll be respectful and NOT publish it on my blog (although I am very tempted), but a few people who did read it (as they were in the room as the other partner in my group who has not broken free from the original plan) had very choice words about the author of said e-mail. We'll have to meet with the prof about it, and he seems to be very understanding, which is cool. His name's Dr. Papa, and he actually just had a baby boy on Thursday. So congrats to Papa! Very cute kid, especially for a newborn. Full head of hair.

Ah, and I restrung the 12-string on the weekend. Which was very satisfying. Takes forfreakinever, but it sounds so nice when it's done. Which leads me to my guitar-related random link. Anyone trying to learn can benefit from something like this.
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