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Starting over
I missed my last update for a pretty good reason. Friday - I was at school taking my first class of the day (11 AM class), got back and saw two missed calls on my cell. From my boss. So I call him back, he says he needs to talk to me, which doesn't really sound promising to me. Sure enough, I get back, and I'm waiting to talk to him, and my other boss (my supervisor's boss, my actual manager) walks by and says he needs to talk to me. So I'm thinking this definitely isn't good. And it isn't. Looks like I've been victim to another company downsizing. So I'm on the prowl for a new job.

Being the badass I am, I'm starting a new job tomorrow at 9 AM. Not permanent, mind you - but it's employment. Short sub-contract to fix an issue somebody else left behind. Decent pay, so it'll cover a few more bills. That, and free lunch, and an interview with another company. So it's not too shabby! We'll see how it turns out.

Link of the day: found this in a Rolling Stone article. About a 17-year-old with some special powers. He's got a book, as well as a pretty slick site. Check it out.
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