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Stuff happens
Okay, so I could have worded that a little differently. But this is a public area. I'm going to be nice.

What a way to start the week. I found out this morning that my sister had been in a car accident. She was on the freeway, something went wrong, the airbag went out, next thing she knew a lot of medical people were loading her onto a helicopter. It was a one-car accident, the cause is still being determined. I visited her around lunchtime (just now eating, I'm back at work). She seemed to be doing all right - she was conscious, a little rattled, understandably. But she was communicating fine, same with my mom, which shows plenty of comprehension. Especially considering my mom speaks to both her and I only in Spanish. I'll visit her later today. Right now she's in the ICU at St. John's, only family can visit, and then only during visitor's hours. She'll be there for at least a night, most likely. Then moved into a different area where she can receive other visitors. Which would be good.

Anyway, that shook up my day a bit - I would normally be in class right now, but I thought it'd be best to cancel it, re-order my day a bit. So that means no second class, no kung fu tonight. At least, not in class. Maybe practice on my own time. It'd be good for me, alleviate some tension. I know my sister can't alleviate tension quite the same way, so I left her my Game Boy Advance (a limited edition Platinum version, with a homemade Afterburner installation, although you can look other places for an easier way) and two games to pass the time.

So! Who knows what the evening may bring. We'll see. So much stress can make a man tough. Though some men are tougher than others.

Ha HA! Foolish blogger, trying to erase my entry yet AGAIN. But I know the powers of cut and paste! Yes, oh yes. So my entry is saved! Ah, clipboard, I lavish my affection upon thee.
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