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SUPER BUSY weekend over
It was a SUPER BUSY weekend, indeed. Lots of kung fu, since we had an open house on Saturday. Actually had four people sign up, which was good! Even though only one of them was purely from the open house. Got to put on some demos. Although a few of the students were sparring lightly beforehand... I sparred the senior student, and we were just playing around, when he brought his arm up (to block then strike, I believe). I tried ducking and moving forward, and his arm hit the bridge of my nose. Hard. I thought I was fine, just made my eyes water, then I felt the gushing. My nose started pouring blood like a faucet. It was lovely. So I got the bleeding to stop, put ice on it, all that. No serious injury, but it meant I had to step back a bit from the demos, to be cautious about restarting the bleeding. It's been fine since, just sore, and a little darker than normal.

My sister: she's back at home now, resting nicely. Still has a minor limp, can't feel everything in one of her legs, broken clavicle (collarbone) and twenty-something staples in the back of her head. And a neck brace. Aside from that, she's fine - her attitude is pretty much back to normal, she's not quite as groggy as she was in the hospital. Didn't get to visit her yesterday, but I'm going to try today after class.

Well, it looks like I forgot to post my blog entry. Doh. The date and time you see is when it SHOULD have been put up, but it actually took a little bit longer.
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