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Week of fun
What a lovely week. It's only day two! So much more to look forward to.

So yes, I'm sure you're aching to ask. "So how's your sister?" It's okay, everyone asks. Here's the news. Found out last night it was a total of four cars involved. Still don't know how it happened, for sure. Happened closer to Stillwater than here (which is why the airlift was necessary). She got x-rays last night, found out today that she somehow didn't break anything. Which, after seeing the car (I haven't yet, my parents did), is apparently a miracle. They did have to cut her out with the Jaws of Life (tm). I'll have to give an update after seeing the car. She is better, though - on a lot of drugs, which is probably keeping her content. She's being moved today out of ICU, which is a good sign. Quite a few people have expressed concern about her, which is good to know. Oh, and the Game Boy thing - she apparently thought she hallucinated that experience, because her brother loaning anyone a GAMING SYSTEM is unheard of. So that's kind of funny.

Probably no kung fu again tonight, sadly. Going to visit again, after work. I did get some exercise in last night, which is great for stress relief. And Revolutions comes out tomorrow! Will be seeing it on the IMAX. Should be good stuff. I do hope the Polish brothers don't let me down.

Have been reviving my 24 viewing. So good. Mmm. That, and the lead actress (who plays Kiefer Sutherland's daughter) gets bonus points. So hot. Mmmmm. It frightens me to wonder how old she actually is. Probably 12.

And I have two random things for you today. One of semi-controlled anger, the other about learning another language. Oh, that, and Ghost in the Shell 2 is coming out. The first movie is excellent. Not a children's cartoon, however. I pity the parents who think Ninja Scroll will be just a cool ninja movie for their 8-year-old. Americans have yet to properly learn about anime.
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