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What's up Wednesday
Halfway through the week. I've had joyous events happen every day! And today, I'll openly admit - I managed to fall up the stairs. Honestly, I haven't tripped and fallen in over three years - my coordination is usually together. Although today my mind was somewhere else, apparently. Running up the stairs before class, yes, in public, I tripped and dropped my notebook and my Pepsi (which was, thankfully, sealed) while slamming into the stairs in front of me. Right next to this poor guy who had to witness it. I recovered gracefully (well, maybe not, but I did get up promptly) and went on to class. I bumped my elbow pretty nicely, so I thought to myself, "Let's see if I actually left a mark," and YES, there was blood everywhere. Made me wish I'd had a napkin. Or something. Afterwards I cleaned up and it's really not that bad, just enough to bleed. Semi-profusely.

Anyway, the updates on the sibling situation. (For those just tuning in, it starts on Monday, below.) Visited her last night, she's out of the ICU now, open to visitors. She's still hopped up on tons of drugs, and her eyes looked like they had to weigh two pounds each. Sort of freaky looking, I think, but I think it was from exhaustion and drugs, should be back to normal soon. Found out a little more about the accident - one of the vehicles was a Silverado, the others were all LARGE vehicles. I think she crossed the median somehow (still no word on how it actually started) and pretty much did a head-on with the Silverado. The Silverado itself was pretty trashed, which says something about the level of impact. My sister's car, according to my mom: the back was okay, the front was pretty far gone, especially the driver's side. They had to cut through the airbag, I believe. And her seat had been rotated (no, that's not supposed to be an option for comfort) so she was facing a bit more towards the door. I think the tire on that side was shoved into the car. Still haven't seen pictures, so I can't say for sure. As for everything else, she really seems okay - has a bruised tongue, somehow (entire left side of it, nice and purple), pretty pained shoulder (nice bruise from the seatbelt), and staples in the back of her head. She had an all-natural hair color change to the back of her head, to a deep red, although she got to take a shower as I was leaving, so that's probably cleared up now. That's all I've got for the moment, more updates when I find out more.

And for some positive news. Matrix opens today. Mixed reviews, quite a few negative, which has me worried. I'll be viewing it tonight at 10:30, so I'll give a personal (non-spoiler) opinion of it afterwards. After talking about anime yesterday combined with stress from a variety of places, I decided I'd be naughty and add to my collection. I went out and got Princess Mononoke, which I highly recommend. It is NOT a kids' movie, though, even though it was advertised as such. Sadly, the advertisements worked against it - parents realized too late (as they left early with highly upset kids) that it wasn't really a children's movie, and the group of people who would have liked it never saw it because they thought it was, yes, a children's movie. It is quite good, though - much better character development and plotline than the average "cartoon", not to mention the excellent soundtrack, and even has good English dubs for a change. Quite famous people doing the dubs, too. Some gorgeous scenes, as well. Give it a try, you might just like it.

And the random link. I think reality TV might finally be going a little too far.
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