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Late at night
Or early in the morning. Depends how you look at it. Ah... I like my computer. I have it finally running the way I like it. Firewall's set up, running smoothly. Mandrake didn't work out, because it didn't like my RAID setup for some reason. Alas, I only have XP with a mirrored 80 GB drive, plus my other 80 GB drive for storage. Plus my other 80 GB drive for backup. Yeah, so I'm a little paranoid. Once you reach that level of space, the idea of all of it suddenly going AWAY makes me nervous. Which is why I have as many drives as I do. But I've actually been on it for a much longer time than I have in a while. Because it's so luscious. I use it for gaming, and actually used it for work today. To log in remotely and work on the office computer. I could still have music running on my machine in the background, and jump in and out from it. Very nice.

Speaking of which - my work schedule has allowed me to fall into my natural sleeping rhythm, which isn't normal by any stretch of the imagination. Something like four to two. Ten hours of sleep, on Japan time. Maybe that's a sign. Who knows.

Ah - the Max Payne thing... didn't quite work out the way I'd hope it would. Oh, it's installed. Just not running. Maybe I should buy it. I wanted to try it out before buying it, but the checksum security approach is a little too effective to do things that way. So what do I play instead? Need For Speed, baby! Porsche Unleashed! Yes, it's old. They've got a brand new Need For Speed out, on PC. That, and a game called XIII. (That's 13, for those of you who have Roman numeral issues.) Either of these on PC would make wonderful Christmas gifts (but NFS is better). For who? Why, I have no idea.

Apparently some OTHER people have decided to do the Blog thing. Although I've been here for a while (as you can so easily see). But here, I might as well post the links. The first (by a day or so), and the second. We'll see how long they last. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAaaaaa.

And my random link for the evening. This scares me a bit. I'm kind of glad I'm not an adolescent right now, I can't imagine what kinds of moral effects this type of thing can have on the youth of today.
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Wow. A spammy comment posted on a blog post FIVE YEARS OLD. Yeah, THAT will get traffic.
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