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Okay, so I haven't updated in a LONG TIME
I've been fairly busy. Thanksgiving, all that. I spend most of my time playing Zelda, so there isn't much to update. I had Thanksgiving with the family, they were cool. Although a certain friend who lives with my sister also came over, which caused some ruckus. At least it turns out I'm better at Hearts than she is.

I've been working at the temp job, turns out I'm pretty good at it, even though it's stuff I don't normally do. Nice hours, decent pay - wish I could keep it until graduation. But no. Sadly. It's temporary. At least it'll last the rest of the year.

I've been doing a lot of school work, also - finished a major programming project, where I wrote an HTTP server in Java. The SERVER, mind you. Which isn't the same as writing a web PAGE. I like it, it's cool. That, and a term paper, which I still have yet to finish. I'm Super Procrastinator.

I picked up the Alien Quadrilogy today. It's sweet. 9 discs. Yeah, you heard me right, not a typo. Two versions of each movie on four of the discs, 50 hours of extra stuff on the other 5 discs. Enough to last at least a little while. Almost the same caliber as the Lord of the Rings movies. But I still think LotR is more luscious.

Ah, my blog, how I've missed you. And my adoring fans, all two of you. Sorry for the lapse in time. I shall attempt to keep it a bit more current. And the random link? Something especially luscious.
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