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Study time
It's finals. I've been trying to study. But on the other hand, it's finals. An I'm doing everything else I can get my hands on. Which includes playing a little bit of Dungeon Siege, going to a crazy party, and staying up WAY TOO LATE playing a lot of random stuff. I figure it'll be standard practice. Fully study right before the test. For one class, that means tomorrow, which is when I have the test. Then immediately afterwards begin studying for the other test. So maybe some review stuff later tonight. Since I'll be up.

There's been some major news, in case you don't pay attention to silly things like news. They caught the big Iraqi man. He was actually hiding in a hole, which plenty of people have very interesting things to say about, I'm sure. As for me, I'll let you make your own comments. I'm just glad it's over.

And blogs! There's one more I should mention. My roommate's blog. Which has actually been up for a while. Pretty professionally done, I must say.

Ah! And random link. I think I'm going to start learning how to use Maya after finals. There are some things out there that have inspired me a bit. I especially liked this one.
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