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Sweet relief
I've been getting some rest, finally. After finishing all my finals. Last one was yesterday, 8 AM. Stayed up studying until about 4, slept until 7:30 or so. You do the math. That, and somehow, I was up until 6 or so the NEXT night. So that's 22 hours of solid awakeness. Well, maybe not solid, but you know.

I went and treated myself to Call of Duty after finishing my final. Sweet, sweet game. Very intense. Quite good. I may get back to that in a moment here. I recommend checking it out, if you like first person shooters AT ALL.

Went and saw Return of the King today. Amazing movie. VERY long, though. Make sure you have an empty bladder when you begin it. I'll gladly see it again, which I'll be doing tomorrow, with my sister for her birthday. A ridiculous number of "wow" scenes. That, and the CNN review bows down to Jackson and the whole series. Apparently most people think it's pretty good.

Aside from crazy lack of sleep and some playing, I may have a second part-time job. Which would be cool. We'll find out tomorrow, when I have my interview. I have my dad to thank for that one. If I complete the first one fully, I may get a second job from the same guy, if the site does what he says it's going to do, which is make him rich. And perhaps the second job I'll actually get paid properly on. We'll see.

Okay - random link. I have my friend Sean from out of town to thank for this one.
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