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Time for weekend relaxation
LONG week. Man. Done with school for the semester, but the next one will be rough. Have to do thesis work, all that. Hopefully it'll turn out okay.

I got a second job, which is cool. Work from home on an hourly basis, good pay, I'm happy. It's good to have connections. I'll be doing that, plus my first job, this weekend. In addition to that - game programming! I'll be getting back into it. I started some a long time ago, but haven't in a while. I'll need to get another copy of Visual C++ to do it. Luckily, I found a good site that makes it easier to purchase software. That, and having the right book also helps. Hopefully I'll have something cool up by the end of break. Maybe not something extraordinary (yet), but something.

Random link time. Seems like a lot of people try to knock gaming and the people who do it. They aren't all bad. (There's a lot of consoles here.)
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