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Another update?
Sure, why not. I've been doing a bunch of random stuff lately.

The latest news - it's Chinese New Year time! Which means time for lion dancing. I was Buddha at the last dance, at Royal Dragon. You should have seen it, it was fabulous. A ton of people were there, actually. We put on a pretty good show, got a lot of tips. (The cash kind.) It was cold outside, so when I took the Buddha mask off my head was steaming. Interesting stuff. Good exercise, though.

Been playing a few games lately, catching up on lost time. I'm now playing Xenosaga on the PS2. Never had time to before, and now I'm getting into it. It's actually rather interesting - a long RPG. I think it will take a decent amount of time to finish.

Aside from that, still doing the music thing, although I'm taking a break now. Been listening to OutKast, of all things. The Love Below. Actually a very nice album.

Ah, and I went on a retreat last weekend. It turned out all right. I played guitar, and apparently some people thought I did a decent job with the music. I was happy about it. Turned out to be a pretty good retreat.

Random link! It's so much goodness to see stuff you love make the national news. Finally, more people are starting to see the light. Video games are FUN.
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