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I am INSOMNIAC, hear no snore
I am awake, indeed. I seem to thrive on Japanese standard time. Maybe it's a sign.

So what do I do early in the morning, before finally passing out? Mainly I play whatever my latest craze in gaming is on the PC, or else (and more often, lately) write music. I've been recording quite a bit. Perhaps I'll post a link to one of my selections here; if I hear requests for such a posting, the chances it'll appear will increase substantially. Still haven't recorded lyrics though. I'm wary of recording my voice, for some reason. Eh.

I'll be on a retreat this weekend. Retreating? Well, yes, but actually I'll be helping. How? By donating what measly musical skills I have. Apparently some people seem to think I can play guitar. So it should be interesting. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Well, I think I'm going to hit the hay now. And after I lay a few haymakers into the hay (how did hay become associated with punching?) I'll probably go to sleep. But first...

Random link! The future is NOW. And it's looking slightly scary, especially for those who may be uncomfortable with changes to their everyday grind.
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