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Back from a crazy weekend
Good to say, I think I'm not sick anymore. I still have a little of the nose blowing thing. But man! That virus is nasty! And a few more people have caught it, I think. I don't think it was from me, though. Just hope you don't get it.

It was a crazy weekend, indeed. It started with a nice dance on Friday night. Got a room in ACAC for it, and a decent deejay, too. Fun dancing. I will say that I had a very good time. I did meet a couple of lovely ladies, too, which was cool. One of which wasn't even IN the dance room. She was simply studying for her GRE, and looked like she needed a little bit of relief. So I went and we had a very nice chat. I gave her some of my vast experience, since I've already taken the GRE. Although I didn't study. But I did just fine. Anyway, I guess my mojo was working that night. Yes - the irony of signing up for online dating and THEN meeting women completely unrelated to online stuff. After that, unrelated party stuff. Chillin' with friends. Found out one of the ladies actually had ten years experience with Taekwondo, which led to some discussion of various moves, etc. (Make any jokes on that you want, it's already been done, I'm sure.) We traded a few, which I think made for amusement on the parts of the onlookers. I'm still a die-hard kung fu fan. Sadly, she knew not of Jet Li, so some education was given. Hopefully she'll see the light.

So then Saturday - I was tired, it had been a late night. But I hung out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while, I introduced him to Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. The fact he had to be introduced to it was sad. It's such a good, good piece of software. There was that, some FF:CC as well, although it's much better with three or four people. Strangely, his XBox had parental control enabled, and he didn't know the password. Which was amusing. So he couldn't check out my Ninja Gaiden demo! Which is too bad. Because it's pretty sweet. I guess demos are worse than a Mature rating level.

Then trying not to pass out for most of the day. Ended up having an interesting discussion with a friend. Will change the way things go for the future. It was kind of sad. We'll see what happens. Then it was practicing on the guitar. I haven't done pure practice with the guitar in a long time. Get my chops GOING. See if I can pull a few licks off at 200 bpm.

Sunday was cool. I will say, though, most of my time between Saturday and Sunday... guess what I spent it doing? And your first two guesses don't count. Yeah - I went to bed at midnight, woke up once randomly at three (since that's closer to my normal bedtime, I guess), bathroom break at 7, then unconscious until four in the afternoon. Do the math. You know how many hours that is? That's a crapload of hours. But I felt a TON better afterwards. Really. I think that signified the end of my illness with a bang. Or maybe more like a deep breath.

Then church! Like a good boy. We played some exciting songs! Yay! Sadly, it's the last excitement for a while, since LENT is upon us. Yes, my non-Catholic boys and girls, LENT means it's time to be sad. And give up something, as well, so that you can be extra sad. Something that you like. So you can't have it anymore. Until the end of Lent. That, and church has to be sad, too. So you can't play happy music. No. It has to be sad music. That's how things are.

And now it's Monday. Whee! Mondays suck. But today's not so bad. I have a test on Wednesday, so I should study some for it. That, and finish one of my websites today. For CASH MONEY. And maybe get some pizza. For lunch. I think I will! I'm completely hooked on the Pizza Hut P'ZONE. I can't get enough of it. P'zones and Pepsi make me happy. Which I'd better get LOTS of before Wednesday. Ash Wednesday. It's sad. The beginning of Lent. Lent is sad. It's okay, don't start crying yet. It's not until Wednesday.

Ooh! But a new movie comes out on Wednesday. A controversial movie. Oh yes, it'll rattle everyone up. To give you an idea - I am, as you all know, a very manly man. But watching one of the trailers for this movie (a leaked trailer, not the standard one) actually rattles me, every time I watch it. So for mere mortals, it'll probably have a pretty good emotional impact. Be warned. I'll be watching it at least twice, probably more.

Okay! My blog has gone on long enough! For now. Random link time! Ooh, I've got a good one, this time. It's about a particular guy. He made the news. And he has a lot of fans. You should check him out.
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