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Can't sleep
I'm up late again. I tried going to bed early, but I think I might have gotten a little too much sleep last night. And I'm COMPLETELY sick. It sucks. And blows. My nose, that is. A lot. It's now red, to further decorate my face, with the black eye now changing into more interesting colors. Ugh. I did stay up and watch Tron, though, which was cool. What an enlightening movie. I had no idea computer programs struggled so hard to do their jobs. I'll have to program with more care from now on.

Ah, but when the movie shuts down, what's on? Why, an advertisement (also known as an infomercial) for a pill, to increase a man's "special part" up to 25%! Money-back guarantee! And the first bottle is free! 98% effective! Man, I'm a fool for not buying it, apparently. Or am I? Makes me wonder what types of things people will try selling in the next few years. "New! A sock insert that will make you up to three feet taller, by injecting chemicals through the skin!" Or maybe "New! An innovative poster development! Purchase one of the person you would like to look like! Stare at it two minutes every day, and you'll look more and more like that person! Money back guarantee!" Sadly, if they were invented, they'd sell well. Hmm...

Woo! I got an extension on my big homework assignment. Apparently people were having trouble doing the Linux version of the project, and after looking a little into it, our prof discovered it doesn't work in Linux. Yeah, that might make it a little harder to finish. So there's more time there. But to tide us over we get a test to have fun with. Since we're graduate students, it won't be just on the notes. We should study RFC data, as well. Yeah, because that'd be easy. And maybe a bit out of the 600+ page book we have. And other stuff. And the review? It'll probably be populated mainly of him listing the enormous number of sources test material might come from. That by itself should take up one whole class. Can't wait. Oh wait, I can.

Okay, I think I'm going to try going to sleep again. Maybe it'll work this time. Perhaps a cough drop first, to ease the sure-to-start bleeding in my throat, so I can fall asleep. But first! A random link. This time it's from a friend of mine, who sent me a little soliloquy about the fun women can provide certain guys. Sadly, I think he's not too far off the truth.
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