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The evening is here so I have to blog again
Central time, anyway. It's after midnight! Woo! It's the time I seem to finally come alive. Which isn't really that good. I suppose it is if there are ladies around, but... sadly, I see none. Which is too bad for them.

So I was thinking today. Before you have a conundrum, yes, I think every day, but I mean that I was thinking of something I wanted to share with YOU, Loyal Reader. The movie I mentioned in the last blog entry. I'm really thinking this particular release will shake up the world more than people might realize. I mean, it's based on beliefs that affect most people's lives in one way or another, and for some people, beliefs that have changed their own lives in very major ways. I'm wondering how many people it will convert. Seriously, I think there will be a number that will after viewing this. Although I also wonder how many will go to view it simply to criticize, eager to pick it apart before it even begins. I'm anxious to hear what kind of soundtrack they've used. I'm fairly certain it will be a beautiful film, cinematography, soundtrack, and language, all-inclusive. It should be an incredible experience. I have faith that it will be.

Now that I've talked about religion, then the next obvious topic should be WOMEN. Mmm, good. Sadly, my Match profile, as sexy as it is, has not scored any serious points with the opposite sex. I will be bold and reveal what it's listed as, in case you should dare to view it. In the world of, I am known only as Nalae. Be careful! Just warning you.

Hey, Line 6 has a new instrument coming out! It looks pretty freakin' amazing. I play my Variax all the time. So I might have to seriously consider this as another investment. AFTER I get some money. But the wave of the future of guitar is hitting NOW! Lucky me! Yaaaay! Hmm... perhaps I am part of this so-called wave of the future...

All right. To fill up a TON of space, I've decided to put some fiction writing in here. I wrote this in high school. I'm going to put one that has an interesting story attached. Part of my first relationship (yes, the online one) originated in a writing club. She actually found one of my stories had been plagiarized! Somebody tried taking it and passing it as their own. Actually, it took TWO people to do it. And then they tried adding some more to the end. Silly people. Their farce didn't last. Anyway, this was during some of my early fiction-writing days. The story is entitled "Ouija, Anyone?". I will give it to you in two sections. Chapters, if you will. It has intense moments, so be cautious if you're weak around scary stuff. Here you go!
Ouija, Anyone?
Jamie rang the doorbell, shivering in the pouring rain.
     She felt a little nervous about coming here. It was the first time she had ever gone to a party, even though this really wasn’t much of one. Just her, Jack, and a couple of other people she had met before from school. Jack had told her there were only going to be something like six people there, including herself. She didn’t even really know Jack that well.
     The door opened. Jack stood inside. He saw Jamie and his face broke into a grin.
     “Hey, good to see ya’! Almost everyone else is here. Come on in!”
     Jamie only smiled shyly and stepped inside. She wiped her feet on the mat and wiped off her brow. It really was pouring outside.
     Jack closed the door and ran ahead of her to the stairs. “We’re all upstairs. You want something to drink? A beer or anything?”
     Jamie was startled at Jack’s suggestion. She shook her head no. Beer? she thought. Jamie had never touched the stuff before in her life, and neither had her best friend, Nancy. She began to feel uncomfortable at the suggestion.
     “Suit yourself. Well, don’t just stand there dripping, come on up!” Jack bounded up the stairs. Jamie followed him into a room occupied by three other teens. Jack’s room, judging by the football paraphernalia.
     Jack motioned to the other teenagers. “I don’t know if you already know everybody, but I’ll introduce you, just in case.
     “This is Tony,” Jack said, pointing to a guy with a buzz cut. Jamie thought that he’d be at least six three if he stood up. He was a big guy.
     “Hey,” Tony said, and took a swig from his can of Bud.
     “This is Sandy,” Jack said, indicating a pretty girl with long dark hair, sitting unusually close to Tony. She, too, had a can of Bud, sitting next to her on the floor. Sandy just raised a hand in greeting.
     “And this is Ben,” Jack said, turning to the last person in the room. Ben was a quiet-looking guy with brown hair and very brown eyes. He looked as though he’d rather be somewhere else, kind of like how Jamie felt. He had a Pepsi in front of him.
     “Hi,” he said quietly, and gave Jamie a friendly smile. Jamie couldn’t help but to smile back.
     “Hi,” she said, even more quietly.
     “Everyone,” Jack said to the three sitting on the floor, “this is Jamie. She’s in my English class. She’s really smart.”
     Jamie only gave a small wave to everyone.
     Suddenly the phone rang. “I’d better get that,” Jack said, “no one else is here. Hold on, I’ll be right back.” He ran off to another part of the house, leaving Jamie alone with the rest of the group.
     “Are you just gonna stand there or what?” Tony said.
     Jamie flushed and sat down hurredly in the nearest available spot, which happened to be next to Ben. She was glad to sit next to him instead of Tony.
     Ben just smiled at Jamie. Jamie wished she wouldn’t blush so easily. Sandy looked around dreamily, and Tony gave Jamie a wary look while drinking his beer, not bothering to turn his head to look at her.
     Jack came back. “That was Carrie,” he said, sitting down breathlessly in between Tony and Jamie. “She’s not going to be able to make it.”
     “Okay, so everybody’s here now. Are you gonna tell us what this big surprise is that you wanted to show us?” Tony said, a bit impatiently.
     “Check this out,” Jack said, getting up. He opened the closet door and reached up to the high shelves, pulling down an old box. “This used to be my grandma’s. It’s like, really old.”
     He wiped the top of it off, brushing away a thin layer of dust. “I haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet, ‘cause it’s only good when you got a lot of people.” He set the box down in front of everybody. Jamie looked at the odd writing on the cover. Ouija Board, it said.
     “A Ouija board?” Sandy asked, giving Jack a skeptical look.
     “Come on, give it a chance.” He opened the box and took out a tattered board and something else, made of wood, that looked almost like a triangle with a glass eye, on three legs. He unfolded the board and tossed the box in the corner.
     “Hand me those candles, would you, Sandy?” Jack said, pointing to a set of candles behind her against the wall. She handed them over and Jack set them around the room, lighting each one as he placed it.
     “What are you doing?” Sandy asked.
     “I’m just setting a mood. It’s cooler this way.” After all the candles were placed, Jack turned off the overhead light and sat down again.
     “Okay. Everybody ready?” Jack said, seeming eager.
     Tony scoffed and turned his head. “Man, this sucks.”
     “Just wait. It’ll get real cool.”
Ah, and so it began. I'll give you more later. Patience. You can collect the pieces, using the magic of cut and paste, as they appear. Collect them - it's like a treasure hunt! Only the treasure is BETTER than gold! And there's enough for everyone! Yeah, right. Anyway, more later.

And what time does that make it now? What's that? Random link time? What kind of silly thing is that? I don't know what that is. But I did find this sitting around the web. It's good for any musician who has their instrument within earshot of the computer. But don't go TOO crazy with it!
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