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Finally getting better
I can feel the mucus drying up! (The first sentence of a composition is supposed to grab attention.) Although it makes blowing my nose a pain in the butt. Or nostrils. And the coughing is waning. So I might be better by tomorrow! Which would be cool, I'm supposed to go help do a women's self-defense workshop tomorrow. I need to get better so I can get beaten on.

Ah... It's something I signed up on a long time ago, for kicks. My first relationship happened online, actually. An interesting experience. A cross-country experience. I'll leave you yearning for more on that one. Anyway, I've decided to upgrade my profile a bit, and went ahead and [gasp] shelled out some money to be able to establish contact with people. It's not a lot of money, so I figured it might be fun. I'm not expecting anything but maybe talking to some interesting people. We'll see how it goes.

Woo! I've had some free time today (being sick and all). I've managed to find ZSNES! One of the few consoles I don't have with me now (back at the parents' place). It works very nicely for what it's supposed to do. I've spent a decent amount of time becoming familiar again with Super Metroid. So luscious... yes, Super Metroid is one of the BEST GAMES EVER. Inspires me to get back into game programming. So much to do, not enough time...

That, and I also found a WinAmp plugin. It's called SNESAmp, and it can play .spc files in WinAmp. Which basically means it replicates the sound as it was originally heard, does it quite well. I was quite enjoying Castlevania 4 music, as it has some of the BEST GAME MUSIC EVER. Truly.

Well, it's random link time. This one is related to my online dating topic. I got it from a friend - it's more on the topic from someone who knows about it. Worth checking out, before blasting me and my silliness for trying out the online thing.
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