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Finally tired
I'm changing the sleep schedule, finally. I woke up in the AM this morning, incredibly. Although I went to bed in the AM, as well. After having a strange conversation with someone online. As a result, I've lost sleep. I have a sore throat, am exhausted, and feel kinda crummy. Hopefully getting some rest tonight will fix that.

I did a lot today at work, which was cool. I'm finishing up the project for that job, and hopefully I can get involved to make some decent money. To help pay bills, and maybe start paying off my loan. Although I really need to do my OTHER work project. Hopefully I'll finish that one tomorrow. But with work and kung fu, I'm tired. Bleah. Although I did get to have some fun at a Coffeehouse get-together with some people. Karaoke Revolution was played, and it was fun.

I will complain, though. About being single. It's nice and all, but it has its downs occasionally. Like when you hear people right outside your window hugging and saying sweet nothings to each other, and crap like "I'm never going to let you go" and the love this and love that. And when your two first major relationship ex's are both engaged (one for sure, the other I think) and the other one's in a long-term relationship, and the guys you hang out with all the time are also fully occupied with their own personal female companions. I feel like a portable third wheel. "Oh? You don't have a third wheel? Here! I'm good at that!" The truth is it's probably good to be single at the moment, but even I am human, and sometimes it would be nice to have someone to see at the end of a long day, to trade stories, or even just to listen to their stories. Plus the hugs. I'm a tough guy (currently sporting a nice black eye), and I don't often openly admit it, but I like hugs.

Anyway, it's most likely the jump in stress level from sleeping ALL DAY LONG and not worrying about work or assignments to all of a sudden having to get up at a certain time, have work that needs to be done on multiple levels, major school assignments, and more visits to close family members in the hospital. It takes at least a couple of days to adjust. My dad is okay, though, I'm glad he got a good doctor. I think he'll take a few days to rest and recover, and hopefully he'll get a good exercise routine going on, get the healthy things going on.

Hey! It's Valentine's Day. Oh boy. That just MAKES MY DAY. That's about all I have to say about that.

Okay, enough of my spilling bad vibes out everywhere. Let's do a random link. I don't think I've put this up yet, but if you like Halo at all, you should check this out.
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