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Hey it's after two I should write a blog
Yeah, I'm finally getting better. I left the apartment for the first time this week. I think there might have been some new buildings constructed that I haven't seen before. It's been a while.

Sadly, I missed out on the workshop. So I didn't get to help teach women how to kick butt. Although I did get to hang out with my Knight friends! Yes, I am a Knight of Columbus. In some sort of weirdly parallel situation, there was talk about how a few of the guys would love to see me in a brawl of some kind. I'm guessing it's because I'm not a very threatening looking guy, so it might be interesting to see how I'd handle a bigger guy. I'm supposed to help a friend learn how to spar some this weekend sometime, that should be fun. He's definitely bigger than me, and he's been doing the weight routine for several months now. Although his training is mostly in physical fitness and prowess, more than specific butt-kicking skill. Like ME. So yeah, it'll be interesting. Maybe I should charge admission.

I've been playing a lot of guitar lately. It's come to my attention there aren't a lot of really talented guitarists around the places I hang. If I could find any, that'd be cool with me - if you hang with more talented people than you (at anything), you tend to learn faster. That applies to pretty much anything. So I've just been playing for fun lately. On the Variax. So luscious...

Well, I made first contact with the Match thing. I may even get a date out of it! Which would be kinda scary. Good thing I know kung fu. But seriously, I'm surprised it worked so quickly. I'm still very wary of it all. We'll see if it goes anywhere.

And tomorrow's the beginning of the weekend! Woo! Sadly, I think I have a test I need to study for. Which sucks, since I missed the last two classes. That, and work to catch up on. But it's Friday, you don't work on Friday! Well, I don't, anyway. I try not to, at least. Sadly, I probably will. Unless I'm asleep until four. Ooh, that sounds good.

Okay, random link. This is random. Which is okay, since it's my random link. Even though my mom works at TV Guide (and does an excellent job at what she does), I don't like dealing with their web page. I have an alternate choice I prefer looking my listings up on. Maybe you can, too.
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