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I'm not that tired yet
So I'm going to write some more. I actually got some food in me, so I'll let it digest. A Red Baron personal pizza, good stuff. It would have been even better if I hadn't spilled some SUPER HOT sauce all over my hand. Thankfully I had a cold Pepsi at my side, to ease the pain.

Now that our commercial segment is over, I'll say that the caffeine probably helped wake me up some. Maybe that's not a good thing. Oh well. Ce la vie. Eso si que es. Portimi il guitar. Well, I was looking through music I haven't listened to in a while, and found some good stuff. There's the stuff everyone likes, like Journey. But there's some more obscure stuff that might be worth knowing about. One, which I recommend listening to if you have the means, is Edgar Cruz. I saw him live years ago. Incredible guitarist. I like his angle. But he's mainly classical, and since I'm more of a ROCK guy, I don't think I'll end up there. And did you know Milla Jovovich put out a couple of albums? It's kinda cool. I've listened to only the Divine Comedy, but I sorta like it.

I've been discovering that a surprising number of people actually READ my blog. Why would you do that? That, and a lot of people I didn't know read it read it. (That's [red] it [reed] it. English is confusing.) I'm managed to re-contact a VERY old friend (well, our recent communication was a long time ago, I'm not saying they're old) through this. Which is cool. That, and CLAIRE wanted me to give a shout out to her. I never understood shout outs. It's not like we need to say shout OUT - would you think I was otherwise going to shout in? At any rate, she wanted a shout out, so here's your shout, Claire, and I'm handing it out. As opposed to in.

Ah... I found more old stuff. I never throw anything away. Which also means I can never run for any sort of office. But it means finding old stuff which can be very enlightening. I found stuff I wrote before my first degree - pictures, poetry, that type of thing. Quite interesting. If anyone's interested, e-mail me. I might even put some of it up. Actually, I'll put one up. I really don't know the original date of this one, it might even be from high school. Classic poetry. Here you go...
I go into the marble chamber
Feeling bad and sensing danger
I sit upon the bright white seat
And everything I had to eat
Comes out.

Yep. Quality material. The other stuff, in actuality, is pretty depressing. This one was the exception. I did get into creative writing for a period, wrote some fiction, poetry, all that. As well as get into art. Mainly pencil. But there's not enough time for all of it! You have to pick your options! So I picked kicking ass and taking names. And making music. Yeah.

Okay, enough, enough. I'm going to read through some of my old stories, see what types of things the younger me wrote. For now, another random link. This one recommended by a friend (same person who sent yesterday's link), on theories about the construction of relationships. Scary to think this guy's theory might actually have merit.
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