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It's Thursday! Well, technically, Friday. But yes. The weekend is about to begin. So what are you doing for the weekend? Something fun? Something busy? Something evil? Or maybe ALL THREE. I myself am rather occupied. Friend in from out of town! Yay! I haven't seen him in a very very long time. We played guitar together when he lived here. We could have had a band. There are some musicians who can't play together, they don't jive. Some can manage. And then some just WORK. He and I were like that. We wrote a few songs together, and even now, when we do get together and play, it's the same. I just wish there were more people like that around to make music with.

It was a busy busy day today. I went to the doctor! That was fun. I got a shot! Well, not really. They drew my blood! I should end every other sentence with an exclamation mark. That would be cool! Okay, that's enough. After this sentence! Anyway, they drew my blood. I'll find out tomorrow what kind of magical ingredients are in my blood. And if any of those ingredients are BAD ingredients. And I went to work, which was productive. Although there was some tension in the workplace. Lots of shouting, a bit of cussing, and storming out of the room. And that was when I was the only one there! No, actually, I was the calm one, just doing my work. I've done half the final 24 hours that have been allowed to give to this company, to finish his project. It's pretty crazy. I've been getting into it pretty seriously - so much so I keep forgetting I'm actually going to make money off of this. Which is cool. I'll do some more work tomorrow, then probably finish up next week.

I think I'll put up another song today for you, Faithful Reader. Yesterday's was, in fact, only a teaser. So I'll put up one that's a little more complete. When I started recording, I had only a basic program. I could record one track at a time. So to mix them, I had to basically lay them on top of each other, and pick how much time each track was separated by. It was a pain. I only made one two-track song. Then I found a better piece of software. But it was a place to start! It's my basic stuff. It was more experimentation than anything. But you can see that it's not too shabby.

Okay. My creativity ends for tonight. So that means I'll leave you with a random link. Do you know anybody in high school with awesome music talent? Or a band? There's a contest going on they should know about.
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