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Okay, so I've been away
Yes, I've been LAZY. And NOT UPDATING. My blog, that is. In case you hadn't figured out that's what I was talking about.

But I'll make up for it! My crazy life! I really haven't done a whole lot of new things. I did some more music stuff, some more kung fu, etc. I finished the first project for the class I'm in. I actually procrastinated until the last night (of course). I heard some people spent over six hours at a time on this bad boy. So I naturally still put it off. I worked on it an hour the night before, and then an hour an hour and a half before class. And yes, I finished it, and still had time for a shower. "But your class isn't until 4:30!" Yes, that's true, and I COULD have been working on it earlier. But I wasn't. Why? Because I was sleeping. Yes, the utter contempt you're probably feeling regarding my slovenly behavior with the very IDEA of sleeping in past two in the afternoon. But it's so luscious. Anyway, hopefully all my well-restedness allowed me to brilliantly get a good grade on my project. We'll see.

Hey! I may have a job again. It found me, I really was fine being a slug and sleeping all the time, doing only what work was necessary to get by. Although I really should use some time to clean the apartment fully. But it's such a scary project. The work thing is nicer. If it works out, I'll get paid depending on how well the project I'm doing turns out. If it goes REALLY well, I'll get paid several digits (in dollars) for only a few hours a week, if that. I'll just have to cross my fingers on that one.

But yes! I now have a reason to actually return my sleep pattern to a more North American time zone. Instead of Japan. Doing the work thing (which initially WILL take a lot of effort), actually getting down and dirty with the thesis, and on TOP of all that, making sure my apartment gets cleaned. Maybe even stays clean. Goodness. Maybe if I have some more time, throw in some extra exercise. I've been reduced to only a few hours a week of martial arts. Somehow I still am more toned than most of the guys in class, though. Must be all that extra pizza I'm eating. Yep.

Okay. I haven't put a link in yet, so my random link time must be here. And to make up for lost time, I shall put in an uber collection of random links. Here we go. First off - commercials are strange. Some are strange enough that I can't help but like them. Quizno's has just released some commercials to demonstrate what I'm talking about. They're linked from the main page.

Oh? Want more? How about somebody with just TOO MUCH TIME. Kinda like me. Except instead of doing productive stuff (on occasion), he makes a bunch of weird gaming parodies using real game animation. Some of which are naughty. And maybe, perhaps, a little juvenile. But that's okay.

Speaking of video games... random link number three! The Minibosses! Coolest band EVER. Well, for now, anyway. They don't have vocals, but don't need them. If you had a Nintendo, you'll find their stuff lovely. If you want to download some of their material, look around. You might find a place or two.

Number four. Yes, they keep on coming. Ever wish you had a drum beat by your side? But didn't? Well, now you can! Yes, that's right. Learn how right now!

And we'll end it on a cool note. It's one of the most ingenious ads I've ever seen. You just have to watch it. It was done for real, no camera tricks. I'll just tell you they had to do it more than once to get it to work the way they wanted. But it's legitimate.

Okay, so maybe I'll remember that I have a blog I can make ubercool (I needed to use uber again) with all the time I've had. While I have it, anyway. More often.

Random link! In the FIVE paragraphs above, silly. Above the above one, anyway.
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