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Yes I'm updating within 24 hours. Omigosh. Some stuff I hadn't covered.

First of all, the important stuff. Regarding family, all that. I'd talked about my sister and the craziness that happened there. Well, she's doing okay now, thankfully, although she's moving apartments, which is stress in a different sort of way. This time it's my dad. A couple of weeks ago he had a heart attack. Thankfully, it was very minor, and he went to the doctor just in case. He thought it might just have been something like indigestion. But lo and behold, it was a heart attack. They took him in for a couple of days, did an angioplasty, put two stints in, and he's going to go back Thursday to a follow-up. He had a test today to get the information on how much more needs to be done. It seems like he found out early enough that he'll be okay. Which we're all very thankful for - it's been a crazy couple of months for the family, though.

Aside from that, I'm finally getting onto my thesis. It begins by writing a paper (a smaller paper) covering all previous efforts on the type of algorithm I'm working on. Only ten pages, easily doable within a week. That, getting back to work, paying bills on time... man! I might not be able to sleep all day anymore! That makes me sad.

Okay, kung fu tonight. I'm starting to push the sparring aggressiveness up a notch. Although I think I went a notch too high. I sparred a guy who started sparring for the first time - sadly, I didn't KNOW he just started today, and he was going pretty rough, so I went rough back. He ended up stopping with a bloody nose. I felt quite remorseful. Then there was the woman who always hits a little harder than normal, she's actually quite tough. She decided to try a Muay Thai stance, with both hands above her head. Yeah, that only works if you're willing to take hits and are allowed to actually attack the legs and knees. Which we don't do in sparring, since that type of thing can CRIPPLE you for LIFE. So she ended up taking many blows to the stomach, and a few to the head. She finally gave up halfway through, and had to rest for the remainder of our time. Then it was continuous sparring time with the senior student, which was quite fun. You know you need to be in better shape when you prefer to get pounded in the face than spend more energy to throw more attacks. Although I actually did smack HIM in the face a couple of times, for once. Oh! And I didn't say - last week I sparred one of the other instructor students. He threw a ridge hand into the side of my head. I barely felt it, but it actually bruised his fingers. On my head. Hee hee!

I learned to play a new song. It's got good lyrics. Kind of sad, but it's good to use to get ideas for personal songs that I'll be writing eventually. I actually learned it a while ago, because somebody else asked for the chords for it, so I figured it out. It's a good song, though.

I may start playing a NEW video game. With other people. Apparently it's really fun. So I might have to schedule in some time for that. Rough stuff. Yes.

Ah, that's enough for today. Time for a random link. You heard right, my readers - A random link. The luxury of FIVE random links was reserved only for yesterday as a special case. Today you get only one. He's one of the best animators out there. Did work on Matrix Reloaded, the second X-Men movie, and assorted other stuff. You have to check out KB2. Trust me.
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