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Random weekend blog time
I don't normally post on the weekend, but I've got a moment, so I thought I would. That, and I'm kinda addicted to blogging. I had a nice half of the weekend so far! I had to tell you about it. I had a friend in from out of town visit. As I mentioned. His name is WOJO. Actually, it's much more complicated than that, so just to make it easy, we call him Wojo. He's a good guy. We got together at the Full Moon with a few other people and hung out, making nice fun of each other. I earned him a dollar by trying to get our waitresses's phone number. Another friend didn't have faith that I would do it, so I had to prove her wrong. Sadly, the waitress had a boyfriend. That, and there was a band playing, called Hero Factor. My sister said I needed to see them - yeah, they were okay. It made me realize Wojo and I could actually be a really good band, ourselves.

SO - today we got together and played a bunch of guitar. It was sweet. Especially since we recorded it. That's right. I managed to make a full CD out of our session, with individual tracks and everything. So luscious. It was a lot of fun. I'm listening to it NOW. Would you like to hear some of our fun? Okay, here you go. We do play some Barenaked Ladies from time to time, so we did a couple of songs by them. One song is Old Apartment, it turned out pretty good. It's a fun song. Our last song was Good Boy, it's slower. It sounded all right, too. We did have some crazy moments, though, and I have to share this last one with you. We did this before the real version, it's a slightly different version of Old Apartment. Rather fun. Hope you enjoy!

All of that was done with a single microphone, wired into my PODxt, wired into the computer. I played my Telecaster, Wojo played my 12-string. It was OODLES of fun. Too bad you couldn't be there. The other stuff I've recorded is all using the Variax, as well as the PODxt. Yesterday's track was all Variax. It has a decent acoustic sound, which I like quite a bit. I've written some of my own stuff, and some of it I wrote a long time ago. There was one that I started messing around with variations on a D minor. Then I found some OTHER chords that seemed to go with that. It's progressed a bit. Evolved, if you will. I call the latest version Eventual Evolution.

Ah, it's getting late, so I must get ready for rest. Busy day tomorrow! I have to help at a retreat. Important stuff. So I will leave you with the random link. Tonight I will leave you with some legal assistance. Need anything law-related? You might find your answer here.
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