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STILL sick
Yes, still sick. I feel pretty wretched. Coughing a lot, finished off one box of kleenex, all that. I do hope I'm better in the morning. I had stuff to do I was looking forward to, and I don't want to cancel. Ugh - when you get chills from the cold dampness on your shirt sleeve when you've sneezed too much into it - that's probably not good.

I did get some good food, though. A couple of friends have been nice enough to bring me stuff to eat and so forth, which I am very thankful for. Always helps. I slept thirteen hours last night, so perhaps I'll try going to bed sometime soon. I'm actually quite tired already.

I watched Fight Club tonight, with the commentary. Made me feel a little strange, identifying more than normal with the film. There's a scene where some characters are asked what they would like to do before they die - made me think of my life, what I might be missing. In reality, I think I've actually done a pretty decent job of jumping into things that interest me. If anything, a little too much, perhaps. Overzealousness. But I do have some skills that I rather like having, as a result. Which is cool. Now all I have left is a Nobel and building a nice family.

I'm tired. So that's all for tonight. Random link! I've been listening to a certain band's older music lately. They were an inspiration to me, and the old garage band I was in played some of their non-album stuff. Good stuff.
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