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A tiddle bit earlier
It seems at least one person wanted the ending of the story I started writing. In a hurry. So I'm doing blog stuff before my standard time. But it's not time for the story yet! Patience, patience.

You have to read this paragraph first! And another one, too! And just maybe a little more after that. I have an exam tomorrow. I haven't studied for it yet. I probably should. But for some reason it seems I always manage to be very productive in OTHER WAYS when I have a test. The closer the test, the more productive I become. I've written a few songs that way. I think I invented a new way to play the guitar once, too. Anyway, this time I worked on my blog a little more. I have added a tasty new link to the nifty box you see in the upper right area of the blog. It's in case you decide you have to talk to me. But the link is only for smart people. Which means if you think you're smart, check on that address before you send to it.

Ah, I did a lot today. I went to work for the first time in over a week. Got a lot done. Seems like the guy I'm working for loves to change the project on a daily basis. Then he wonders why I didn't finish at the time I told him originally. Today he's given me a change that I'll have to manually make to EVERY SINGLE PAGE on the web site. It's not just a small change, either - it's complicated stuff. Extracting ASP code from the crevices of my other well-crafted pages, and inserting it into places it will still fit. Kind of like Operation. Man, that was a cool game. So yeah, it took a long time. And it will take more. And all this time - dang, what do I get from it? Oh wait - yeah, I get a lot of money. Okay, I'll keep working on it, I guess...

That, and for extra fun, I got to visit the DENTIST! Whee! My teeth are cleaner. Sadly, I have a cavity. I'm sad that I have a cavity. Just in time for Lent, though! Which is cool! But I can't think that it's cool, because it's sad. I apparently get really slow cavities, since this is one the dentist pretty much knew about two years ago. But he let it go, just in case it magically went away, I guess. Since it didn't, I get to have a filling. It's my second filling ever. Maybe in two more years I'll get a new one! Since I'll be tired of the one I'm getting next week by then. But I'll have straight teeth by then, too. I have secret braces, remember?

Kung fu was awesome tonight. I felt like a total badass. There was a guy in there, fairly young. He did sparring for the first time with us tonight. The place he took martial arts at before, they did full contact, no rules. So a lot of people got seriously hurt. Which isn't cool. Full face contact, even for inexperienced fighters. You could tell a lot about it when he fought. He did a lot of the poke a jab out but keep the head tilted back action. And if you rushed him, he turned his head immediately. Which is a regular reaction for someone not used to people rushing to throw punches at their head, I guess. Anyway, we have rules about face shots, which is that you can't throw any unless you like pain a lot. That, and you've been there a while. So I'm allowed to exchange those lovely types of punches. Me and the senior student, of course. Which goes to explain my black eye last week. Justin (AKA the senior student) was upset that he didn't get to see my black eye - he didn't even know about it until tonight. ANYWAY, we got into a one-on-one thing at the end of sparring, where anybody could challenge anyone, three point thing. I got challenged by a guy named J.R., who's been there a decent amount of time. (He's not up to face shot level YET, but he's close.) He got popped once by the new guy in the eye, so I think he was out of it. I pretty much annihilated him. Then I got to challenge someone! So I picked Justin, of course. It was an epic battle. We'd square up, he'd feint, I wouldn't fall for it, I'd feint, he might lift an arm slightly, just in case... then a mad rush would ensue. One of us for the other. It was close - the rushing works well. So it's going crazy, punches being blocked, five a second. (In reality, that might not be far off.) And then one slips in. One time we both threw simultaneous punches (to the face), blocked them, and then followed with a nice technique where you pull back on the other person's block and backhand them in the face. Yes, we BOTH did it, at the same time, and smacked each other. It was pretty funny. All right - so it comes down to two points each. And then it's a crazy rush at each other.... sadly, when the dust cleared, HE managed to get the visible point on that one. I WILL beat him someday, even if he has five years up on me.

But wait! There's more. After class, J.R. feels he has to spar me some more. And the new kid wants me to help him condition his arms (my arms are kinda tough from conditioning), so I do - and while I do, Justin goes and helps J.R. with some NEW fancy techniques. Secret techniques. So ten minutes later, after leaving the poor guy with bruises all over his arms (seriously, guys - I'll see if I can go in later this week and get a picture), it's time for me and J.R. to go at it. And the schmack talking begins. He's going to give me a run for my money. He's ready for the Max (somehow I started being referred to as "the Max" tonight, randomly). So we spar! And he throws his secret techniques. Three of them. One actually gets a little bit through. The others are blocked, but they were pretty good. And once he's finished the last one, he decides on a side kick. But I see it coming! So I leg check him. This means shin-to-shin contact - I raise my leg so his kick puts his shin squarely into my shin. And he pauses for a moment, then crumples to the ground. He was done for the night. Nothing permanent, but he'll have a nice bruise, too. (Maybe I can get a picture of that one, too.) For all the bruising I did, I have not a scratch on me from it (didn't even feel the shin one), which makes me feel like a badass. I'm not saying I AM a badass, just let me enjoy the sensation for one evening. It doesn't happen often. Usually I come back feeling like a lowly peon, wearing a new bruise or scratch or BLACK EYE. And I am sad. But for tonight... badass.

All right. So you've waited long enough. The rest of my story! Keep in mind, I wrote this in HIGH SCHOOL. So if it's a tad sappy or not up to your Crichton standards, forgive me. And.... here it is.
Ouija, Anyone? Chapter 2
     “How many times have you done this, Jack?” Ben asked, almost cautiously.
     “Well... I haven’t. But I’ve heard about people that have, and like, all this freaky stuff happened, like, the posters all fell off the walls, and it started to thunder, and stuff like that. It’ll be cool!” Jack grinned.
     Sandy looked at Jack doubtfully. “Oh, please.”
     “Okay, now the way this works is that we all put our hands on this wooden thing and just let it move by itself. You’re not supposed to move it, or else you screw everything up. Just leave your hands touching it. Ben, you grab that pencil and paper and write down all the letters or whatever that this thing lands on.”
     Everyone bent over the board, albeit a few did so reluctantly, and put their hands on the triangle. Ben grabbed the pencil and paper and sat aside, watching with mute interest.
     “Okay,” Jack said. “Now, like, we ask it some questions. Me first.
     “Oh Ouija board, tell us who is the hottest of all babes.”
     Tony scowled at Jack. “Come on, give me a brea-”
     “Shh! It’s moving! It’s moving!” The wooden triangle was indeed, moving.
     Sandy’s eyes widened and she smiled in slight amazement. “Oh, cool, man.”
     They watched the triangle move slowly across the board. Everyone watched, captivated. Finally, it stopped.
     “Three.” Tony said, looking at where the marker had stopped. “Great. Real cool, Jack.”
     “Maybe that’s too long. Try asking it a yes or no question,” Sandy said, getting into the moment. “No, wait, I will.” She got a mischievous look and looked at Tony. “I got one. Okay board, tell me this: does Tony really love me?” She smiled at Tony, who looked a bit startled at the question.
     The triangle started to move. It floated around the board, and then stopped. Exactly on the space reading “NO”. Sandy looked disappointed. “I don’t think this thing really works, Jack.”
     Jack looked around at everyone mysteriously. “The Ouija board does not lie.” Then he cracked his trademark grin again. “Let’s try another one. Jamie, why don’t you ask it something this time?”
     Jamie looked around nervously. “Okay,” she said, barely audibly. When she asked her question, her voice was soft and quiet. “Is there anyone there?”
     The board did not take long to answer. YES, it said. Sandy’s disappointment faded. “Oh weird, man.”
     “My turn,” Jack said. “I’ve got a good one.” He looked at the board. “Spirit of the Ouija board, which of us will die first?”
     The triangle began to float around. “Write this down, Ben,” Jack said, staring intently at the board. As the marker paused at different letters, Jack read them aloud. “T... O... N...”
     Tony looked at Jack. “Ha, ha, very funny Jack, quit moving the thing.”
     Jack paled and looked at Tony. “But Tony, I’m not moving it.”
     The triangle continued. Y... S... T... E...
     “Well, whoever is, then stop it, this isn’t funny.” Tony started to look worried.
     Everyone looked at Tony, but no one said anything. Tony looked like he was beginning to get genuinely scared.
     V... E... N... S... O... N. The triangle stopped moving at the N. “Tony Stevenson,” Ben said softly, and unnecessarily.
     Sandy broke the silence. “Okay, someone was moving the thing. Even if no one’s gonna admit it. Let’s ask it something no one here could know. Okay, how about this: How do you know all the answers?”
     This time the triangle did not waste any time. It moved around more quickly than before.
     H... E... W... A... Ben wrote everything down. T... C... H... E... S... H...
     “So far, I’ve got ‘He watches’ written down. Weird.”
     The triangle began to pick up speed. E.. W.. A.. T.. C.. H..E..S..H..E..W..A..
     The marker was darting around the board, and now all the teens knew for sure that none of them was moving the wooden marker.
     Suddenly Sandy cried out. “I can’t take my hands off of it!” she cried desperately, her voice tinted with panic. Jamie felt panic, too. She was also unable to lift her hands.
     Ben dropped the pencil and paper, now very scared, but the pencil kept writing, writing what was now unintelligible by watching the board, the triangle moving at a lightning pace.
     And the pencil wrote...
     Sandy was crying now, out of pure fear and panic. The triangle was almost a blur.
     The windows to the room suddenly flew open and the rain came pouring in. Lightning and thunder came in violent bursts.
     Ben reached out and grabbing the moving pencil just as the wind blew out all the candles, leaving the room dark except for the illuminations by the lightning.
     Jamie felt her hands leave the triangle and she flew backwards, falling down. She felt someone trip over her, heard a scream of fear, panic, and pain, and then a small wooden snapping noise.
     The wind and rain slowed abrubtly, along with the lightning and thunder. Jamie got up and went over to where she remembered the door to the room. She felt around next to it and found the light switch. Click. The light came on in the room. Jamie looked around.
     Sandy was lying on her back, apparently unconscious. Jack was backed into the corner, white with fear. Tony was lying face down in Ben’s lap. Ben only sat there, holding the eraser end of a broken pencil. As he pushed Tony off of his lap, Tony turned over and what Jamie saw then horrified her beyond anything she had ever felt before.
     Tony lay on his back. Ben held one half of the broken pencil. The other half, the long half, was fully embedded in Tony’s right eye. Blood was everywhere. Tony’s left eye was unseeing. He was dead.
     Jamie took in everything she saw. Then she fainted.

And so it ends. Wasn't it intense? I know I was scared. Maybe more stuff if you're interested. Let me know.

And so ends the LONGEST BLOG ENTRY EVER. I think. But before it's over - random link! Still need that, yes. Sadly, it's not that innovative. Just a group of people I rather enjoy company with. Maybe you'll find their company interesting as well.
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