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The weekend hath ended
I'm still tired. Didn't really rest properly, but I did get some sleep. Sadly, I also got a sore throat. Not sure what it is (allergies, sickness), but hopefully it'll go away.

I NEED to finish my one web page. Maybe tonight. Who knows. I've been bad about it. I've realized if I'm given a specific assignment and/or a date to get it done by exactly, I'm quite efficient. If I'm given a completely open assignment ("Do what you think would be good, whenever you can") for somebody else, I tend to not work at it nearly as well. The other job I've been doing is going quite nicely. Which is good. I do need to work on the school stuff this week, though. Including thesis stuff. Maybe finish that up tomorrow.

I've started feeling a little more chipper this weekend, even if I'm not physically tip-top. I did get to hang out with more genuinely single people, which was nice. And even with one who is normally always attached to a significant other, without that significant other there (not that I have a problem with her). It was kinda refreshing.

Church was weird - I played guitar and didn't sing. Which meant there were a lot of songs that normally have harmony that didn't have harmony tonight. That, and I could hear my guitar a lot more clearly than I normally do. And I have to say that I'm not too shabby. Woo! But I did miss singing. That, and the black eye, I think had a lot of people looking at me a little different tonight. Plus the faces I think I was making trying not to cough.

I've decided that I really like "Angel's Son" by Sevendust. It's a very good song. Just so you know. I did learn how to play it - you have to drop D the guitar on both E strings, and then drop the WHOLE guitar a couple of notches after that. It's a rather strange tuning. But it sounds incredible on a 12-string.

Random link! This is a little similar to some links I posted a few blogs ago, but it's good enough to put up separately. The Metroid series is excellent, and the music is pretty darned good, as well.
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