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Addiction can be good
And now I am addicted to improving my program. Man. Keep making it nicer and nicer and NICER. I have successfully added a full calculation of all the checksums for the IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP headers. If you don't understand what I just said, maybe you're not a computer scientist. It's too bad! Doesn't that sound like FUN? Eh, I have to drop it, now that it's a smooth-running machine. And move on to the next project. A signature-based IDS with IP packet reassembly support. Something about this tells me it'll be a teensy bit harder. Maybe more than two days required to get it done.

But maybe I'll wait until tomorrow to start. Since I have my dentist appointment in the MORNING. At 9. Ugh. Both getting up early and getting a drill in the mouth. You know, I'm not sure which is worse. Wouldn't it be nice to have choices for the pains in your life? "So what'll it be today, huh? A weird rash, a massive spill in the kitchen, tripping over yourself in front of a hundred people, or four hours of sleep over two days?" "Hmm, well, I like sleeping in, and I don't like public humiliation - I'll take the massive spill." Yeah. With the weirdness in my life, I might actually GET a massive spill in the kitchen. If so, I'll know what other things I was thankfully saved from.

I slept today. During the day. I like naps. Although I hardly ever take them. 'Cause I'm busy. But it was good. I slept through part of kung fu (called in time to let 'em know they were going to be missing my presence), so I ended up watching American Idol. I voted! Yay! It makes me think of my own personal singing career. Or lack of it. And how it'd be cool to have an audience like that. That's what I think of when I watch American Idol, anyway. That, and now attractive Paula Abdul still looks, even though her "prime" was the eighties.

I did get my free lunch, though. PF Chang's. Quite good. It was my first time there! I heard somewhere that Tulsa's got some sort of freakish restaurant per capita. Which means you could probably go to a new place every day and not run out for a very long time. Maybe EVER, since new places always seem to be opening. That, and the other guy I met was funny. He's a big nerd, maybe even a little more than ME. He likes video games (who'd like those things?), and he's actually played Quake against John Romero, in person. FYI, John Romero is someone who was very big in the game industry, until he was deluded into thinking that programming skill is secondary to plot ideas. That, and deluded in thinking his plot ideas were good... (cough, cough - DAIKATANA - cough) Anyway, this guy also has a nice big widescreen HDTV (who'd buy something like that?) and likes programming. He was interesting.

And now it's time for another random picture. This is one I took a long time ago. It's what I would call somewhat artsy. Maybe YOU wouldn't, but I'm not a professional photographer, which apparently YOU are.


Lovely. Okay, now it's time for sleep. To get ready for pain. Of waking up early. Oh, that, and the dentist. Here's your random link! Something I've been looking into a little bit, lately. Although I'm not actually considering PARTICIPATING. Probably not. Maybe. Anyway.
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