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Ahhh and I feel better
I'm a bit better now. I went to kung fu and released a lot of pent-up frustration. And NO, it's not sexual frustration. Sicko. I just had a very rough 20 hours. Starting with my blog last night going AWOL on me. Yes, it started with that, which made me very MAD. So I got through that. And then this morning people kept waking me up. Maintenance had to replace the batteries in the fire alarms, as well as the A/C filter. So there was that. Then I woke up, went to lunch. Lunch was actually good, even though I didn't have time to shower first. Which made me frustrated. I like being clean. Even if my room isn't always the same. So I did lunch.

And I stayed there for a long time! Chatting with people, chillin'. So nice. It was better. Then from there, took a friend home, then off to work! And I worked quite rigorously. Although it got a little uncomfortable when the boss started cussing out one of the employees. Apparently upset at a possible bending/breaking of the law he was about to do. So there was shouting, it was rather stressful. I finished at work, then went home through CRAZY traffic. Apparently somebody decided to break down in the middle of an intersection. It sucked. So that took a lot of time. Then I finally got home, and tried doing some stuff online, but for some reason IE decided to STOP WORKING. I started getting quite upset and shouting. I don't shout normally, but this time I was. I'm still not sure what was wrong, but it's better now. Although I've quit using IE. It's bad. I'm now using Mozilla Firefox. It's quite nice.

At any rate, I was mad at it taking FOREVER. I don't have that much time. I had places to be. Things to do. People to beat up. So I cooked some quick food, just grabbed it and ran. Ate on the road, whilst avoiding the horrid, horrid drivers.

So I get to kung fu. And ahhh... it makes things better. I helped Sifu with computer stuff, which was good. And then on to class. I talked to the guy I conditioned arms with a week ago. Apparently he didn't come in the next day because his arms were completely swollen. He said they were basically completely covered in bruises and had swollen to the point he couldn't bend them easily. They still hadn't completely healed. I think he felt a little bit better when I told him I bruised, too. Yeah, it was one on one arm and two on the other, and they were the size of quarters, and they were gone in a day, but still.

And then it was sparring time! My pent-up rage found its outlet! Woo! I sparred one of the students who's been there about as long as me. Except he has ten years previous experience. I don't think it helped him tonight. I was nice and didn't lay into him TOO much. Although I had a nice kick where he almost tasted my toe. I pulled it, though - I'm still not fully confident in my ability to pull high kicks properly. That means kick somebody with impact, but without taking out their teeth or breaking stuff. Then it was off to spar two lower ranked students, which I went easier on. Although it was entertaining watching them re-adjust their headgear every few seconds. Ahh, and I'm better now. Ooh, that, and I got a new set of pants! Yay!

And that's been most of it. I'm going to just relax now for a bit. Yes. Maybe more later. But I'll still leave you with... a random link. Found this one on Slashdot. Something weird about money.
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