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And the break officially begins!
Yaaay! I began it with a day of sleeping IN, working, and then polishing off with some kung fu. The work thing was kinda rough. I didn't actually get any food in me until around 7 PM. (My secret to staying thin, I suppose.) Then I came back and watched Matchstick Men, which was interesting. But work makes me nervous - the project is ALMOST ready to go, but I got a cease and desist thing from the bosses which means I may not be able to do the last hour or so necessary to finish the project. Doh. We'll see.

I was thinking some more about the Sunday Full Moon show, and Ben Kilgore. He's quite good. Matt Fisher (on guitar) is quite good, too. Matt uses some excellent effects, does it well. His chops are pretty good, but nothing extraordinary. He'd be fun to play next to. And Ben has an impressive voice. The volume he put out (and kept it consistent) impressed me. Especially his ability to scream in tone and not tear up his voice. If only I could be Ben! Then I wouldn't be ME, which I much prefer, so I'm happy with things the way they are.

And it's quiet here, now. Roommate's gone, so are a lot of the neighbors. It's nice. In kind of an Omega Man kind of way. I'm going to stay UP late and sleep IN late and then get up, eat some leftover p'zone and Pepsi, maybe be a Ninja for a while, and then do some work. Bleah. Work. Maybe it'll be fun, though, since it's programming. Although programming in JAVA. Silly Java. Why can't you be more like C? C is so much faster! Although it's not platform independent. But I don't NEED it to be platform independent. Just seems like it's somehow more attractive. Oh well. Game programming is still in C. Game programmers know what's up.

I wish spring break was eighteen weeks long. And I could live for free. So I could record music stuff. Maybe someday I will be a musician! On the side. Since I need to make some money to record all the CRAP I'm sure I won't be able to sell. I do love music, though, I've realized. But I'm happy not doing it for a living. I think when you have a dependency on something, it makes its luster lessen somewhat. That goes for pretty much anything. So I won't depend on music! I'll just do it for the funsies. I've been recording more stuff, but nothing good yet. Not good enough for YOU, at least, Faithful Reader. I do get pickier and picker as I get more experience with the recording stuff, though. So tracks I keep will be fewer and fewer until I have a platinum album.

And now, it's time for a random link. This one fits with the topics of conversation. I like guitars.
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