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Another morning post
Full day today. Full of NOTHING. Well, not so much. I did do some productive stuff. I worked on my thesis, even! Not as much as I should have. But I did. So I have something to show. Then I got my p'zone supply refilled, did some more ninja action, learned how to play some AC/DC (good stuff) on guitar, went to a friend's to help her with ninja action (because she's not so good at it), then another friend's to watch Bourne Identity and eat more pizza, then to another friend's to chat some hours away she had to work doing a bunch of nothing at a hall desk. So yes! A full day.

Why am I such a procrastinator? What makes a person so procrastinatory? Is it built in? Is it because I like the challenge? I've realized I am very uninclined to leave comfortable areas. It applies to all areas of life. This includes the bed and the shower. Which is why I LOVE sleeping in, and am mad we only get eight minutes of hot water (although it's up to fifteen during break - woo!). I tend to think this also explains my procrastination. If I'm more comfortable NOT doing work, then why mess up a good thing? Entering my ninja zone is not uncomfortable, so I'm fine with that. I suppose I just need to find the comfortable area for me that produces income. When I can do that, I'll be set. Oh, and how getting into ferocious physical confrontations is comfortable for me, I'll never know. Perhaps I'm simply masochistic. But only in physical areas.

So tomorrow I'll have to postpone thesis work (sadly, it may have to be finished over the summer), so I can work on my OTHER projects. One first, then the other. I've heard from at least one person it's the hardest project he ever did. Which means it might take me more than a day to finish. Alas. Hopefully I'll get flashes of brilliance. Multiple flashes. Either that, or I'll get hot flashes as I near the deadline without a completed project. Not quite the same thing, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.

But for this morning, I shall lay down and fall unconscious, and set NO alarm, and it shall be good. So good. Unless someone calls. Or knocks on the door. Or calls AND knocks on the door. Then it won't be so good. And I will awaken, angry at the fool who dares interrupt my luscious sleep! And I shall stumble to the medium through which I will communicate with my unwitting annoyance, be it telephone or doorframe, and give them a piece of my mind. A small piece, since most of it will still prefer to remain at a more subconscious level. Kind of like now, where I seem to have some sort of mystical connection established between my subconscious and my conscious (i.e., phalanges) and can stream my consciousness directly to the keyboard. It's nice and scary at the same time. Possibly a bit dangerous.

But for now, I will let it be. And extinguish the electrical illuminations that are my current apartment companion. But not until... the random link! I'm sure you know who Strong Bad is. But this is a special occasion! Be sure to check for all seven special links at the end of this one.
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