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Can't talk - writing
Yeah, working on the thesis. It's pretty much going to eat me, or I'm going to eat it. Neither of those sound good, but I'll come out of it somehow. I'll just say I talked to my advisor and he seemed to have doubts on whether or not I could pull off having a thesis finished by the proper time. I'll just have to take that as a challenge. I did take his advice seriously, though - he told me if I wanted to have a chance, I'd have to give up pretty much everything else and just lock myself away in my room, work on nothing but the thesis. So that's the plan. I managed to write around seven more pages tonight, of solid stuff. Mainly about my algorithm. I formed as much of a formula out of it as I could. The grand total, so far, is around 17 pages, not counting title page, bibliography, table of contents, etc. And I'm figuring I'm only about halfway through, and the code will probably be placed in an appendix. We'll see what happens.

So I'm off to do more work on the paper! I do have a random link, still. There was someone I talked to a few weeks ago who never heard of this, which shocked me. Everyone should know about this.
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